The Joyful Doula – Birth Doula Services

You are expecting a baby, beginning to plan and prepare. You are realizing that having another set of hands to help during labor, delivery and after baby arrives (postpartum) would be amazing. At The Joyful Doula we are here for you – and you’ve got this!  

Here at The Joyful Doula, everything we do revolves around caring for our clients through Labor and Delivery and into Postpartum. We provide complete birth and postpartum care packages to our clients. When you hire us to be your Birth Doula you are signing up for some of the best birth support available in the Kansas City area and surrounding suburbs. 

I specialize in helping labor to progress, providing comfort measures and labor positions to help you during and in between the contractions, and helping you work with your body to birth your sweet baby. I also help your significant other to feel at ease with aiding you as your labor and making the labor and birth a bonding experience for you all. I also provide all of my clients with as many resources as they need to feel confident going into labor. 

**Please Note if you are a Kansas Resident and have United Health Care or are a Missouri Resident and have Healthy Blue you may qualify for FREE doula care through me! Please include that you have this coverage in your first text message to me so that I can get the approval process started for you! **

What you get

Each of our clients receives excellent birth support with 2 prenatal meetings, the first one is to get to know each other and go over any questions you may have and the second is to go over things to prepare for the birth. These are both about 30 minute prenatal meetings, we are then available around the clock when you are within 2 weeks of your due date. We are available by text from 36 weeks on. If you go into labor before 38 weeks, – call us!! When you go into labor you can call us 24/7. When labor shifts from early labor to ‘active labor’ we will join you at your location to help through the contractions and we stay with you through the labor and delivery. We generally stay for an additional 30 min after the birth and make sure you are doing well and things are taken care of. We can also help you achieve the initial latch if you are going to breastfeed. We also include 1 hour of Postpartum care at your home within 2 weeks of the delivery (more on that below). We also provide care packages for our clients as well that are uniquely customized for each client, with you and your birth in mind. Our Clients also get access to our exclusive and ever growing resource area where you will find book lists, recommended local health care specialists and promotions to some great deals. 


Comfort Measures: We make available a ton of comfort measures to give you the best birth experience possible. Some of these comfort measures include Spoken Affirmations, shoulder/neck/back/leg rubs, Essential Oils, a hand to hold through the contractions, Counter Pressure (for back labor), Heat Therapy, Pressure Point Stimulation, Verbal Encouragement, Rebozo, Calming Music, Battery Operated Candles (low lights are soothing and can help Labor progress), Keeping Mom Moving (moving every 20 min or so can help keep Labor progressing), Labor positions that could shave hours off of labor and more! For example: If you are having a hospital birth and you are open to having an epidural it will be important to have someone present to tell you when to push, I can help with that and so much more. Another example: If you are having a home birth I can help set up the birth tub and help tear it down afterwards so you and your family can just enjoy the baby. For Home Births I can make a meal for you after the birth to help you replenish your energy levels and prepare for breastfeeding. (making a meal is not necessary at hospital because the hospital staff does this). Every woman is different and each woman prefers different combinations of comfort measures which we will discuss in greater detail in our prenatal meetings. We make all of these and much more available to our clients to accommodate all comfort measure preferences. 


Postpartum Care: This service is customizable and includes: Listening as you talk through and process the birth experience, Newborn care, Lactation Support, holding the baby while mom showers or rests, light house cleaning, light meal prep, making a run to the grocery store/running errands, child care for other children in the home & family laundry. We make ourselves available to serve you and your family for the time specified in your purchased package within 2 weeks of your birth. The goal is for you to be rested and well cared for. Birth is a big health event, you will need some recovery time afterward. The best thing for mom for at least the first week or two is getting as much rest as possible, eating nutritious meals (and snacks), and drinking plenty of water. 


Lactation Support: Each of our clients also have 30 minutes of Lactation Support available to them if they need it. Amanda has over 10 years of lactation experience and is happy to help establish a good latch. This service is available by phone if not included in the Postpartum Care time. If more than 30 minutes is needed, we will refer clients to an excellent licensed Lactation Consultant in the area. 


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What clients are saying: 

Melissa F. – I love that you educated me on what my rights were as a patient, because of that I felt confident to keep telling the doctors what I wanted and asking for more time to have a natural birth. Other things I remember are you came to the hospital quickly and you stayed with me the whole time! You are personable, kind, supportive, and encouraging. During active labor, you knew what to say and when. I was so blessed that after labor you grabbed my phone and snapped a few photos for us. We were so tired, that small detail was huge. I have our “first family photo” you took framed. That meant the world to me. Lastly, your techniques were amazing! When I tell people I went unblocked (unmedicated), they ask how, I tell them “because I had Amanda!”

Celestina O. – I needed your Birth Doula support so much and you provided me with so much assurance and encouragement.

Cumorah S. – I am glad I hired Amanda to be my Birth Doula because she helped me relax during contractions.